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Purple Acropora sp.
Orange Montipora capricornis
Green Acropora millipora
Pink Birds Nest - Seriatopora hystrix
Acropora sp. (unknown species)
Blue Tip Table Acropora sp.
Green Acropora florida
Blue Tip Staghorn. (Acropora striata)
Blue tip Acropora solitaryensis

Acropora polystoma , just added to display tank.
Picture taken September 2005, Nikon D70 Digital SLR, Sigma 105mm macro lens

This acropora was sold to me as Acropora polystoma. I have my doubts about the species name but it appears to be close enough.

This coral is about 5 inches across. Under just actinic lighting it is a nice green color but under day light lamps it is a soft cream color. Hopefully it will color up but I have no idea what color that might be.

According to VERN, Corals or the World, volume 1, page 335: Characteristics of this species include irregular clumps or corymbose plates with tapered branches of similar length and shape. They typically appear in reef slopes exposed to strong wave action.

Acropora polystoma , under Power Compact Blue Actinic Lighting.
Picture taken October 2005, Nikon D70 Digital SLR, Sigma 105mm macro lens

This picture is taken under four 24w power compact blue "actinic" bulbs. These are not true actinic bulbs which are much more purple.

Although the coral is still brown under the daylight halides, it has a brilliant glow under actinics.

UPDATE: this coral never recovered from shipping stress. I never saw it with expanded polyps. The color faded and it no longer glowed in actinic lighting. This was followed by rapid tissue loss.