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ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - KH

ELOS brand test kits have a good reputation and appear to be comparable to Salifert test kits.

I found the kit very easy to use. They recently changed the accuracy of the kit but still included old instructions. The difference is significant as the included instructions in step 4 say "Each drop of reagent corresponds to one degree of hardness". This is incorrect as one drop is actually 1/2 a degree hardness (dKH). The reverse side of the red card is a cheat sheet of instructions using symbols (no words) and it correctly shows its 1/2 degree.


1) Shake dropper bottle before use.

2) Fill testing vial to 5ml mark.

3) Add KH-Test reagent drop by drop with light shaking between drops. Count each drop until the color changes from CYAN to YELLOW.

4) Each drop equals 1/2 degree hardress (dKH).