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ECO Trace Elements Box

I won these trace elements during a local reef club raffle. I have to be honest I can't recommend it because I think its needed. I'm not a big fan of trace elements.

The box is colorful which I'm sure helps to sell it. List price of the product shows it around $45 USD (Nov. 2008). Thats on the expensive side for trace elements.

Inside the box is four 8 oz bottles containing Iodine, Iron, NF Metal, Strontium.

All of them claim to be Phosphate and Nitrate Free.

ECO Trace Elements Bottles

According to the manufactures web site:

Iodine - "Prevents corals from bleaching aids crustaceans in the molting process." (I'm not aware of any scientific bases for these claims).

Guaranteed Analysis: Iodine (min) 7,500 mg/L

Iron - "Iron is important in promoting the growth of macro- and other calcareous algae." and "ECO Iron helps increase green coloration in corals that use this spectrum. It contains no fertilizers, and will thus not cause outbreaks of hair algae or other undesirable organisms."

Guaranteed Analysis: Iron (min) 4,000 mg/L

NF Metal - Non-ferrous metal supplement for symbiotic algae in reef systems. "The special blend of trace elements helps bring out the natural blue, red, and yellow in your corals."

Contents: Deionized water, Manganese, Zinc, Potassium, Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium, and other Alkali Trace Minerals (no chelating Agents)

Strontium - "Strontium is an important trace element that aids in the calcification process of reef-building corals and calcareous algae, and is essenial to ensure the optimal helath and vitality of all calcareous reef inhabitants." and "Potassium has also been added, as it will benefit the symbiotic algae growing in coral and other invertebrate tissues."

Contents: Deionized water, strontium, barium and potassium salts (no chelating agents).