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Penn Plax Magna-Scraper Cleaning Magnet

As far as magnet go this is pretty weak. However, its value is not with its strength. Its value is that this magnet actually has two metal blades that are fantastic for rapid removal of coralline algae.

The right side panel of my tank had over 2 years worth of coralline growth (very thick). I used the blade side of this magnet (Black) with the outside part of my Magnavore VI (for strength) and I had the glass cleaned in about 15 minutes. I was very impressed with the combo. The magnet itself is a toss away magnet at about $9. Once the blades wear out after 4 to 6 months just toss it out for a new magnet.

Center Glass Before Cleaning

The Oceanic 180 gallon tank has a horrible 2 foot wide center glass section that needs to be cleaned weekly.

The image on the left shows the center glass just before cleaning. The image to the lower left shows the center glass just a few minutes later using the Penn Plax Magnet Scraper.

Center Glass After Cleaning

Before I found this magnet it required getting my arms in the tank and using a razor blade and I always made a frag mess trying to reach the back part of the tank. I don't even get my hands wet anymore and the fish don't get stressed.