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B.S.D. Golden Pearls

Brine Shrimp Direct calls these Golden Pearls. Well two of them are. The top left one is decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. These are an excellent food source for many of the itty bitty critters in your tank like the worms, star fish, etc. (Be careful to only use decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. The protective covering of normal brine shrimp eggs can be toxic to many fish.)

The one on the top right is Artemia and the bottom one is Rotifer Golden Pearls. These are also fed much like the brine shrimp eggs. I noticed my gorgonians activity capturing these. Other corals may eat these as well but that not why I add it. As I said above these are for the little critters in the tank and to help feed the sand bed.

I don't feed much of this at a time, as a guess I would say just a small pinch of each.