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Reed Mariculture - Arcti-Pods (pre-production sample)

This product from Reed Mariculture Inc., was shown to me at the IMAC 2006 (International Marine Aquarium Conference) at the Reed Mariculture booth. I was very impressed with this as a food source. It looks like the ideal fresh planktonic based food (cyclop-eeze is great for smaller mouths) according to the manufacture it is "Super concentrate of jumbo marine copepods from the Arctic Ocean. Excellent for feeding fish and LPS corals."

This is a pre-production sample, the image below shows the label of the final shipping product.

Reed Mariculture - Arcti-Pods

Here is the production bottle label once it came on the market.  While I didn't actually measure it, to my eye it was not as concentrated as the pre-production bottle I had.