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ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - KH
Hand Held Optical Refractometer
Salifert Calcium Test Kit
ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - PO4
ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test Chart - PO4 (Phosphate) 6) Hold vial about 5cm above the white chart. Looking down from above into open vial compare color to color chart.
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit

Hand Held Optical Refractometer

This has got to be one of the neatest toys, err, piece of equipment I have. It provides a very accurate temperature compensated reading of both Salinity and Specific Gravity. Just place two or three drops of tank water on the prism (blue) and aim at a bright light source while looking in the eye piece. You will see a dual scale reading. Just look where the blue line touches the scale for your reading.

The unit is calibrated with deionized water.