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Acrylic Camera Box Prototype

Taking pictures of a subject from above is often needed to capture the true colors of many corals and almost all Tridacnid clams. Simply taking a picture from above the water surface tends to introduce distortion from ripples and reflections on the water surface -- even if all the pumps are turned off.

This is a prototype floating acrylic camera box I designed and my neighbor built for me (very handy with acrylic). This is no way a polished or finished product, simply a proof of concept to use to develop a more refined version.

Free Floating Acrylic Camera Box

The unit is made from ¼ inch black extruded acrylic with a ¼ cell cast acrylic clear lens area.

The white sections are used as handles and as a flotation device for worry free hands off use. The unit is large enough to hold a standard Digital Camera with two hands and not worry about holding onto the box. The box is deep enough for use with Digital SLR cameras such as my Nikon D70 with a 105mm macro lens.