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Infrared Remote Shutter

One of the hardest things to do with a camera, especially in macro mode, is taking a clear crisp picture. The motion of pressing the shutter button can be enough vibration to blur the image.

Pictured left is a universal infrared remote shutter trigger that I got on eBay for just a few dollars. The "P" is Panasonic, "N" is Nikon (which I use), "C" is Cannon (which does a lot!), "M" is Minolta. "S" is the shutter button. I'm not certain what all the other buttons do as they do not pertain to my camera.

I simply mount the camera on the tripod, turn on the remote shutter option, frame the subject, focus the image stand back and take the picture remotely.

I've noticed an increased clarity of my pictures when taken using the remote shutter control.