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Stainless Steel Bone Cutter - makes great frags

There are various tools that are handy for making frags and cuttings of corals. This page will help document some of the tools that I use.

To the left is a set of stainless steel so called "bone cutters". I have no idea if it really is a bone cutter but it does sound interesting. This tool works very will for cutting acropora branches. In the past I removed Acropora branches with tools that gave leverage such as pliers. This tends to snap the entire branch off or even snap the colony off the rock. This allows me to just cut the branch I'm interested in.

A US Quarter coin is shown for size comparison.

Stainless Steel Forceps - Pick up Frags

These Forceps are handy for picking up small items such as small branch tips that sometimes fall of acropora. Also handy for picking up worms or other critters that can bite, sting or stab you.

Mainly I use them to hold onto frags while gluing them to not only keep the glue off my fingers, but to keep my fingers off the coral.

A US Quarter coin is shown for size comparison.

Stainless Steel Scissors - Cut Gorgonian Branches

I won these at the IMAC 2006 raffle (International Marine Aquarium Conference). I really don't have a need for these. But they have come in handy for cutting branches from gorgonians. Smaller, regular sized scissors would have worked just as well.

A US Quarter coin is shown for size comparison.

Wet Saw - Cut Large LPS Corals

This is a wet saw commonly used for cutting tiles.  I cheap wet saw can be used to cut larger LPS corals such as the brain coral pictured here.    The salt water mush from the coral cutting will rust out a wet saw so be careful not to use your expensive one.