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Favia sp.
Pink Tipped Elegance Coral - Catalaphyllia jardinei
Favia sp.
Trachyphyllia radiata
Goniopora columna
Octobubble Coral - Plerogyra sp.
Favia sp.

Fungia danai. Picture was taken in July 1999.
Sony Mavica FD91 digital camera, no flash

Given to me on June 27, 1999 by Jim Fox.

This coral as pictured is about 5 inches round and 1.5" tall. It likes low to moderate water flow with bright light. Species similar to Fungia are Cycloseris and Diaseris

This coral is typically found in shallow lagoons and on reef flats. It does well when placed on sand, gravel or coral rubble. These are free living corals and has the ability to walk around the tank by tissue inflation and deflation. Placement of small rocks can help to confine this coral to one area.

The mucous from this coral can damage other corals it comes in contact with. Be careful to prevent it from contacting other corals.

On July 11th, 1999 early in the morning I noticed the coral was over inflated. I thought it was odd to be inflated before the lights were on. About 5 hours later (2 hours after lights were on) the coral started to spew out streams of what I think is sperm from its oral opening. I saw it repeat this 3 times over the next half hour. It is possible it released sperm several other times before and after I saw it. In an e-mail from Jim Fox (former owner) he stated the coral had released sperm for him also.

Fungia danai. Picture was taken in February 2000.
Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera, no flash

The picture to the left shows the coral 8 months after being added to the tank. The coral is still the same size but has changed colors slightly. Its been doing very well in the tank.