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Orange Linkia Sea Star - Linkia sp.
Corkscrew Long Tentacle Anemone - Macrodactyla doreensis
Green Bubbletip Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor
Orange Center Zoanthids
Red Leg Hermit Crab
Blue Tuxedo Sea Urchin - Mespilia globulis
Trochus Snail Spawn

Monthly Macroalgae Pruning
Picture taken February 2002, Nikon CoolPix 950 digital camera, Full flash

Picture here is the volume of Macroalgae I try to prune from my refugium each month. Kind of looks like a sushi seaweed salad doesn't it? The soda can was included to giva an idea of scale for the size of the plate being used to hold the algae.

I used my wife's x-mas cookie dish, I suggest you use something different.