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Orange Linkia Sea Star - Linkia sp.
Corkscrew Long Tentacle Anemone - Macrodactyla doreensis
Green Bubbletip Anemone - Entacmaea quadricolor
Orange Center Zoanthids
Red Leg Hermit Crab
Blue Tuxedo Sea Urchin - Mespilia globulis
Trochus Snail Spawn

Actinodiscus spp.
Picture taken March 1999, Sony Mavica FD91 digital camera, no flash

These orange mushrooms were added to the tank on January 20, 1998. The rock they were on had blue mushrooms -- which was what I purchased. These orange and a light green one in the center were hitch hikers on the rock. They have since done very well.

You can see one of the original blue mushrooms in the top left of the picture.

These mushrooms are easy to care for. They like low water currents and intense light. Many mushrooms corals like moderate to low light levels. They require no direct feeding.