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Purple Acropora sp.
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Acropora sp. (unknown species)
Blue Tip Table Acropora sp.
Green Acropora florida
Blue Tip Staghorn. (Acropora striata)
Blue tip Acropora solitaryensis

Green Acropora Table Coral
Picture was taken in December 2001 with a Nikon Coolpix 950 Digital Camera, No Flash

Obtained December 8th, 2001 from John Link.

I met John Link (owner of Reef Central) at a local shop called Reef Splendor and he brought this frag for me. I mounted it in the dark after the lights were out, so if you feel it was mounted upside down I would agree.

The mushrooms that are just about to hit the acropora have been killed off. The coral has plenty of room now. It appears to be a fast grower. In the first month it encrusted a new base and had what looked like 12 new branches starting.

Green Acropora Table Coral
Picture was taken in March 2002 with a Nikon Coolpix 950 Digital Camera, No Flash

The coral is pictured here 3 months later. It clearly has done a lot of growing. It has yet to show the look of a table. I'm not even sure the coral has decided which way to grow yet. As long as it tables outwards and not upwards it is in a perfect spot.

You can also see that the mushrooms are keeping distance. If they start getting close again I'll have to start injecting them with kalkwasser again.

Green Acropora Table Coral. Picture was taken in August 2002.
Nikon Coolpix 950 Digital Camera, Titanium Lens, No Flash

This coral has been doing excellent and shows very impressive polyp extension. It shows considerable growth since the last picture was taken 5 months ago.