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EuroReef RC-500 Skimmer

EuroReef RC-500 Dual Needle Wheel Skimmer
First 24 Hours of Skimmate Production
New replacement impeller
Swipe of the skimmer neck.. yuck!
Skimmer Sludge from EuroReef RC-500 Dual Needle Wheel Skimmer Neck

This is an example of the sludge that builds up on the inside of the skimmer after about a week.

This is what I was able to scrape off the top of the collection cup lid (seen in back ground).

As nasty as it looks the dry sludge does not have a nasty smell to it like the liquid does. This smells like wet dirt -- a very earthy smell.

Swipe of the skimmer neck.. yuck!

This is a swipe from inside the skimmer neck. I typically try to clean the skimmer twice a week to prevent a build up like this from happening.

A sludge buildup like this reduces skimmer efficiency.

Wet skimmate produced during the week

The watery wet skimmate which is the color of very dark green murky water has a very foul smell.

It's not difficult for your gag reflex to be triggered by the smell of this.

Literally within minutes of dumping this, half the house smells horrible. I now have my vent fan draw out the fumes for an hour or so before opening the reef room door where the sink is.