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EuroReef RC-500 Skimmer

EuroReef RC-500 Dual Needle Wheel Skimmer
First 24 Hours of Skimmate Production
New replacement impeller
Swipe of the skimmer neck.. yuck!
Replacement venturi air-line

I've made a few modifications to the RC500 skimmer since I purchased it.

One issue I had was that the airline tube supplied hung lower than the water level inside the skimmer. This is a problem if the pump should fail or get powered off for some reason. Water would shoot out of the airline.

Pictured here is the length difference between the original and the new one I placed on it. This line is now taller than the skimmer and will no longer squirt out water. However, the pump does have trouble drawing in air now upon start-up. I have to blow in the line to clear any water in it and then it operates fine.

Impeller comparison - new vs. old

Shortly after I purchased the RC500 skimmer Euroreef released an updated needle wheel impeller.

The black one is the new impeller which has longer, softer pins in a slightly different pattern. The white impeller is the original one supplied with the skimmer.

Euroreef claims a 20% improvement in air drawn into the skimmer with the new impeller. I have no way to measure the improvement directly, but there is a visible difference with the amount of air in the skimmer body.

Impeller magnet comparison

The magnet used has also changed. It is not as long as the old magnet and the diameter of the magnet is a little smaller which should help with the issue of the impeller rubbing the housing wall when it heats up (know issue on some old impeller).