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IceCap Model 430 Electronic VHO Ballast

This was my first electronic ballast used on my 55g tank when I first started in this hobby. I was so impressed with this unit I decided all my ballast were going to be electronic ones. This ballast is made by IceCap, Inc.. This ballast will power Normal Output (NO), High Output (HO), Very High Output (VHO), Power Compact (PC) lights. Best of all it will power any combination of these lights as long as you stay within the ballast's rated limits.

I should have purchased the IceCap 660 model which was only about $20 more. That model allows you to hook up more lights at a time. The 430 model pictured here was used under my 55 Gallon Reef Tank stand and is rated for 3.4 max amps. It weights about 1.65 pounds, and has a size of: 11-¼" x 3-7/8" x 1-¾". It runs cool to the touch.