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K2R Calcium Reactor Being Repaired

The Advanced Reef Technologies K2R Calcium Reactor is showing its age. The small acrylic square mounts which are glued to the inner wall both came off from some force which I have not identified.

This allowed the strainer plate and sponge to fall blocking the water intake to the recirculation pump on the bottom.

K2R Calcium Reactor Square Mounts

These are the two square mounts that came off the inner wall.

The acrylic glue can be seen. One of these fell off many years ago and I was able to glue it back on.

Knowing that putting these back would be another short term fix I decided to come up with something stronger.

Where a K2R square mount used to be

The square mark shows where a mount was attached to the inner wall.

This also becomes a marker to show the height of a new solution to make. It could be a little higher but not lower.

K2R Calcium Reactor New Platform

Looking around the room for something to make a new platform from, some spare light diffuser and a few plastic ties does the job nicely.

I probably could have made it a little shorter but this looked good enough.