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ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - KH
Hand Held Optical Refractometer
Salifert Calcium Test Kit
ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - PO4
ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test Chart - PO4 (Phosphate) 6) Hold vial about 5cm above the white chart. Looking down from above into open vial compare color to color chart.
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit

Salifert Magnesium Test Kit

Like most Salifert test kits this one is not very difficult to use, the end point (color change) is not very clear, nor are the directions that great. But overall this is a decent test kit. I would rather use a LaMotte kit, but they do not make a straight forward Magnesium test kit.

You really don't need to test for Magnesium very often.

However, if you are having low calcium issues and nothing you try increases your calcium level it may be caused by low magnesium levels. Magnesium and Calcium will stay near a 4:1 ratio. If your Magnesium is low, for example, 1100 ppm, then your calcium levels will tend to be in the upper 200 to low 300 ppm range. By increasing your Magnesium levels you can boost your calcium levels. My goal is to maintain around 1450 ppm Magnesium.