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One Gallon Size B-Ionic

Once I stopped adding ESV Bionic Calcium when I switched to a Calcium Reactor I noticed my Magnesium levels dropping. They dropped below 1000ppm, whereas 1350ppm is ideal. To boost my Magnesium levels back to normal I used ESV Magnesium Supplement.

I also use Dolomite in the Calcium Reactor this works well for helping maintain magnesium levels but will not raise them very much.

I tried adding Epsom Salts to raise my Mg levels but had very limited success and using Epsom salt adds alot of Sulfur to the tank which is not the best thing to do.

Pictured here is a 1 gallon container. For my 180 gallon tank with 55 gallon sump I use 300ml of Bionic Magnesium each day when I needed to boost my levels.