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One Gallon Size B-Ionic

I used to use B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System for many years in my reef tanks before I switched to a Calcium Reactor. It really helped when kalkwasser alone would not maintain my calcium levels (which should be near 430ppm). B-Ionic is made by E.S.V. Company, Inc. located in Bronx, New York. It's an easy to use two part additive. Once you figure out how much you need a day, for example 20ml. You just add 20ml of component #1 and then 20ml componet #2. It's that easy. Pictured to the left are the two parts. I'm using the jumbo gallon system. This is cost effective for me. If you have a small tank then you can get smaller versions of this system. They have 64oz and 32oz versions. ESV claims that Bionic Calcium contains 40 times more calcium that saturated kalkwasser solution.