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Home Made Frozen Mush - July 2006
Some ingredients tossed in the Mush
Pro Salt Brand Frozen Prawn
Home Made Frozen Slurry - July 2002

Pictured here is the insides of my food processor just before I turned it on. This isn't my typical mix. This mix was mainly using up some older frozen foods I still had. The base of this mixture was 6 to 8 frozen cocktail shrimp, several large chunks of mysis shrimp, several large chunks of pacifica plankton (red), and four large cubes of Calanus Plankton (orange). I then added a few squirts of tank water to help thin it out (using RO/DI water might be better). Then a squirt of Selcon. I then used the food processor to chop into a very fine slurry. Gave a tablespoon of it to the tank to test how it was accepted and the fish went nuts for it. I then added a handful of spirulina flake and ripped up a half sheet of nori into bite sized chunks and mixed.

Home Made Frozen Slurry - July 2002

Once the mix is ready, add it to several ZIP LOCK bags and spread very thin in each bag. A mix typically makes 2 to 4 bags depending on how thin you spread it. Pictured here is one of the bags after it has been frozen.

Feeding is simple, just snap off a section of it and thaw out in a cup of tank water or perhaps hold it in front of a power head.

People are often asking me for a recipe on how to make a mix. You really have no need to follow a recipe. Make it different each time -- it's the best way to offer variety in your critter's diets. For starters however, get 6 to 8 frozen shrimp. Peel them. Add 2 or 3 fresh cockles, or cherry clams, or little neck clams whatever they are called in your area. That in itself is a good base to start with. You may also wish to add a few scallops, perhaps something more meaty like cod or tuna. Then I would mix in some vibragrow pellets, chopped nori, spirulina flakes, any other frozen fish foods you might already have. Then add some Selco or other safe vitamin mix. In the past I have also used squid. Squid is very oily and I had issues with my skimmer overflowing when I fed squid. But my fish just love squid. Typically squid chunks are the first ones picked out of the water column.