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180 Gallon In-Wall Gallery

January 2008 - Overview Pictures
January 2008 - Overview Pictures
December 2006 - Overview Pictures

October 2008 - 42 Months Old - URI Super Actinics Only

This shows the display at 42 Months with only the URI Super Actinic bulbs on.  The tank is in the process of being taken down as I had to relocate for work. You can see some of the larger corals have been trimmed or removed.

January 2008 - 33 Months Old

This shows the display at 33 Months. The tank is really showing impressive growth. Many of the corals have been fragged several times.

July 2007 - 27 Months Old

This shows the display at 27 months. As can be seen every coral is showing significant growth even after many of them have been cut back to reduce aggression between corals. The coralline algae cover is near 100% now.

December 2006 - 20 Months Old

This shows the display at 20 months. Several of the corals show significant growth such as the Orange plating Montipora capricornis and the Blue Acropora striata.

September 2006 - 17 Months Old

This shows the display at 17 months. The most obvious change is that coralline algae growth has really exploded. Many of the critters are showing excellent growth since the last tank shot. Individual corals are still too small to be noticed from a distance.

May 2006 - 13 Months Old

This image shows the display at 13 months. Overall coloration of the reef is looking better. Coralline has really started to pickup in the past 4 months. Corals are starting to show decent growth rates.

January 2006 - 9 Months Old

This image shows the display at 9 months. Colonies are small but stable and showing signs of good to excellent growth. Still very little coralline growth, none to speak of on the glass. Some sections in the shade are showing coralline growth and a few specs on plastic parts can be seen. The tank started out with just about no coralline on any of the rocks. A few seed rocks were added from my previous display.