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URI VHO Actininc Tubes

When I used Iwasaki 250w 6500K Metal Halide Lights i felt they did not have enough visible blue light. I supplement Iwaski light with URI Super Actinic 03 VHO florescent lights. Actinic lighting provides the extra blue wavelengths that are important for keeping reef tanks.

I used two 72 inch tubes in the front of the tank. These tubes were powered by an IceCap 430 electronic ballast. This is the maximum lighting configuration this ballast can handle. I should have gotten the IceCap Model 660 which can handle more bulbs and a higher wattage.

Florescent lights come in several different types in the United States. Other parts of the world seem to only have "Normal Output" (NO) lights. These are low wattage lights commonly used as shop light and lights in department stores. "Normal Output" lights are cheap, use little power, and run cool/warm to the touch. The major drawback is that the intensity of these light are not that strong and you need to use a lot of them. The next step up in the United States are "High Output" (HO) lights. High Output lights are brighter, run a little warmer, suck up twice the amount of electricity. The plus about them is that you do not need as many lights. High Output lights do not seem to be popular much anymore.

The most powerful form are "Very High Output" (VHO) lights. These use three times the electricity and produce three times the wattage. VHO Actinic lights are known to put out ultra violet light so never look directly at them when turned on. "NO", "HO", and "VHO" light tubes for the most part all physically look a like. The are for the most part just improvements on previous technologies.

Tank lit with only URI Super Actinic Bulbs

Tank lit with just the URI Super Actinic bulbs... my digital camera just is not sensitive to the color of this bulb and is unable to capture the true colors.