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Reef Science Dual Beckett Injector Skimmer

Brand New Reef Science Beckett Skimmer
Skimmer Cabinet
Skimmer Collection Cup
Skimmate buildup in the waste collector
New Custom Beckett Injector

Over the years I had a few issues with my original beckett injector housings. The first issue I had was that it was made of simple PVC parts. They didn't really match the work of art of the rest of the skimmer. Secondly, the top part of the injector housing where water enters was a simple friction fitting. Nothing held the cap in place. Several times when I fired up the pressure pumps the cap simply popped off or water came squirting out of the air intakes.

This beckett injector assembly used on My Reef Creations skimmers includes an adapter to work on my setup. Not only is the top held on by thumb screws for a tight fit, but the air control is handled by a quality gate value and the intake has a muffler on it.

Dual Custom Beckett Injectors Installed

This shows the dual beckett injectors installed. Since the spacing of the mixing towers was designed for smaller PVC fittings I had an issue when I attempted to install the injectors in that the black acrylic flanges would hit each other and prevent the second injector from being installed.

To get around this issue I used a slightly taller double threaded nipple to connect the injector. This height difference allowed the two injectors to be installed.