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AB Aquaspace Lighting Cooling System

The AB Aquaspace light fixture generates an enormous amount of heat from the three 250 HQI bulbs, internal ballast and transformers.

The intense heat within the unit destroys the plastic components within the unit such as electrical connection ports, igniters, etc. To help address the issues of heat the first step was removing the ballast from the lighting hood. This not only made the fixture much lighter to handle, but removed a significant source of heat from within the fixture.

AB Aquaspace Lighting Cooling System Fan

The second issue I had to address was venting the heat generated from the lighting out of the reef room which is rather small and lacks any windows for ventilation.

I constructed the ventilation system as pictured here to draw air directly from the AB Aquaspace lighting fixture and to draw air from the ballast enclosure.

The system is powered by a 6 inch Spa vent tube fan which processed about 300 CFM.

The air can be pushed vertical which goes outside the house or I can link it to the horizontal hose which is connected to the reef viewing room. This allows the heat to be reused in the winter time to help heat that room.