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IceCap Digital Timer

I used to control my metal halide lights with the IceCap, Inc. digital timer. If you have been in this hobby for a while, I'm sure you have blown several timers. The generic timers just are not able to withstand sudden current draw of a high powered lighting system like metal halide or VHO. (It could be that most timers are just cheaply made.) One solution for this is to use a heavy-duty application timer. These are sometimes used to power air conditioner units and other high current applications. I used heavy duty application timers before on other reef tanks I had in the past. They worked well for VHO lights.

In setting up my 180 gallon tank. I knew I wanted to use metal halide lights. I knew I wanted to try IceCap's Electronic Ballasts. I figure what better timer to use than IceCap's? It's a nice solution when you can get all your parts from a single vendor. No finger pointing when something stops working.  One timer controls one lighting ballast.

Features of IceCap Digital Timers

  • Program up to 6 settings per day
  • Single or multi-day time settings
  • Easy to read liquid crystal display
  • Back-up battery to maintain the timer's memory
  • Automatic recharge for the back-up battery
  • Contact terminal block for easy installation
  • On/Off Switches
  • Built-in LCD back-light, used to read in the dark.