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AB Aquaspace Cooling System
AB Aquaspace Light
DIY (Do it Yourself) Dual T5 SLR Light Hood
Dual T5 SLR Light Hood Lighting Fixture Hanger
AB Aquaspace Light - Rewiring Project

Metal Halide Cooling Fan

Pictured to the left are the fans I used to cool my Metal Halide lights. These are AC fans which are rated for 101 CFM. (Cubic Feet per Minute). They are 4" inch square fans which are mounted to the side of the lights blowing over the bulbs They come with chrome finger guards if you need them.

These were added to the DIY Temporary Lighting Hood which is an open top hood. I did not need to vent the hood itself.  If I had a closed hood, I would have both fans blowing inwards to push hot air out of the hood.