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AB Aquaspace Light
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AB Aquaspace Light - Rewiring Project

AB Aquaspace Lighting Fixture - UV Shields and PC bulbs removed

This is the AB Aquaspace light fixture. It is an entirely enclosed lighting solution meaning that everything is within this unit - all the halides, actinics, ballasts, transformers, etc.

Not only does this make the lighting hood incredible heavy but it runs very hot.

This picture shows the UV glass shields removed and the four Power Compact bulbs removed.

AB Aquaspace - bulbs and reflectors removed

This shows the HQI bulbs and reflectors removed exposing the ballasts, transformers and starters hidden to the sides.

A significant amount of wires are needed to link everything together.

AB Aquaspace - Rusting Transformer

Centered in the picture is one of the 250w HQI sockets used with double-ended bulbs.

Top is a portion of the transformer used to power the bulb which is showing signs of rusting. The lower right square device is an igniter.

AB Aquaspace - Burned ZIP tie

This is an example of the intense heat generated inside the hood. The plastic ZIP tie used to bundle the wires has burned and melted. It is now brittle to the touch.

AB Aquaspace - Rusting Transformer

Removal the transformers, ignitor and capacitor.

Tracing all the wires without a diagram is not fun. Do I cut the blue wire?? Red? Purple? Yellow? Green? Ack!

PFO 250w Electronic Ballasts

All of the jumbled wires and electronics are replaced by just three PFO 250w electronic ballasts (yes they say ARO but were sold as PFO bare bones kit).

Very simple - 3 prong plug to the wall and two wires -- one to each end of the socket in the light hood. Nothing else.