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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 Impeller
Tunze Turbelle Stream 7094 Multi-Controller Programmed
Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Inside Half
Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Outside Half

Iwaki MD55RLT Water Pump

After the MAK4 Water Circulation Pump failed, I installed this Iwaki MD55RLT pump. This pump follows my theory and plan that the most powerful pump in the system will not be the return pump. Instead it will be the skimmer pump. I feel the turnover rate between tank and sump is not that critical and does not need to be very high. It is the in-tank circulation rate that is critical and needs to be high. In-tank circulation is being handled by the Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 which provide 3175 GPH each.

There are American made and Japanese made versions of these pumps. A pump with "MD" shows it is Japanese made, a "WMD" shows it is American made.

Iwaki pumps also come in circulation versions and pressure versions. "LT" are for circulation, "RLT" are for pressure applications.

Input: 1 inch MPT
Output: 1 inch MPT
Power: 60hz, 110 volts.
Moves 1,080 Gallons per Hour at 4 foot head pressure.
Noise: 40 decibel