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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 Impeller
Tunze Turbelle Stream 7094 Multi-Controller Programmed
Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Inside Half
Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Outside Half

Iwaki MD70RLT Pressure Pump

This is the most powerful pressure pump I have used. This time I did not use it for the return pump as I did in my last tank setup. This time I used the pump to power my Reef Science Dual Beckett Injector Skimmer. However, since this skimmer is no longer being used, this pump has been taking off-line.

There are American made and Japanese made versions of these pumps. A pump with "MD" shows it is Japanese made, a "WMD" shows it is American made. Unfortunately the American made pumps are of a much poorer quality than the Japanese pumps. The Japanese pumps are smaller, quieter, and run cooler. I wish it wasn't so, I don't like to bash products made here in USA.

Iwaki pumps also come in circulation versions and pressure versions. "LT" are for circulation, "RLT" are for pressure applications.

Input: 1 inch MPT
Output: 1 inch MPT
Power: 2.8amps, 60hz, 110 volts.

Moves 1,500 Gallons per Hour at 4 foot head presure.