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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6100 Impeller
Tunze Turbelle Stream 7094 Multi-Controller Programmed
Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Inside Half
Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Outside Half

Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Outside Half

This is one of the original Ecotech Marine Vortech pumps. I was a member of the original beta tester team. The unit has proven to be reliable and very useful that I've not had a need to upgrade the original beta pump.

This is a bracket-less design which can be placed at any height within the aquarium. The unit is compact and much smaller than the tunze pumps I also use at about 5 inch long with 2.5 inches inside the aquarium and about 2.5 inches outside the aquarium. The unit has a diameter of about 3 inches.

Ecotech Marine's Vortech Pump - Inside Half

The motor is external to the aquarium keeping dangerous electricity outside the tank while transferring the torque through the aquarium wall to spin the propeller on the inside of the tank.

No heat is transferred to the water as the motor is not water cooled.

Ecotech Marine's Vortech Controller - Mounted to Wall

The controller provides two types of protection. Over-current protection where the controller can detect that the propeller is jammed and shutdown the motor. Secondly it provides magnetic coupling protection in which if the two halves are separated while running the controller will detect this and shutdown the motor.

This Vortech has been 100% maintenance free during its entire operation.

The Vortech consumes from 12 to 40 watts of power depending on the speed setting used.