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ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - KH
Hand Held Optical Refractometer
Salifert Calcium Test Kit
ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test - PO4
ELOS Expert Line Aqua Test Chart - PO4 (Phosphate) 6) Hold vial about 5cm above the white chart. Looking down from above into open vial compare color to color chart.
Salifert Phosphate Test Kit

Salifert Nitrite Test Kit

Like most Salifert test kits this one is not very difficult to use.

Typically testing for Nitrite is only needed during the initial tank cycling process or when you suspect something has died and may be rotting. During normal operation this should always be undetectable.

Instructions are fairly straight forward:

1) Add 1ml of water using the syringe to test vial.

2) Add 1 level spoon of NO2 powder to vial and swirl for 20 seconds.

3) Wait 3 minutes.

4) Compare color to color chart.